About Alberta's Specialty & Thermal Panel Experts


GenFour Thermal Solutions is a family run business- started in Edmonton in 2003 by Dennis and Linda Olson.  Michelle Kozniuk daughter of Dennis and Linda first employee- office manager.  In the second year of operation Mike Kozniuk son in law joined company and assists in all aspects of the company.  Genfour Started its operations in a 2200 sq ft warehouse in Winterburn Industrial Park and after 3 years moved to its present west end warehouse with over 16000 sq ft of warehouse and office to service the industrial oil patch sector and other specialty target markets- Genfour’s customer base ranges from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, with recent sales into Quebec.

Genfour’s growth can be attributed to its service oriented philosophy and its strong customer relationships.  Genfour has established itself as a sourcing center for metal building parts and components to our out of town customer base.  Genfour gathers the various products required and ships out with our regular Insulated Polyurethane Panel orders- saving the customer on extra freight bills (freight is a large component of end cost to many of Genfour’s customers, and consolidated products save the customer and the end user time and dollars.

The Genfour name represents the four generations of Olsons who have resided in Alberta since our grandfather Andrew Olson homestead in the Holden area in 1902-  The family homestead is still in the family with the original 1905 residence still being occupied.

Genfour’s hours of operation are 7:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday MST